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The Duwamish Lighthouse : Water Quality Lighting Beacon

Lighting, Steel, Tyvek, Electronics, Off-Grid Solar
15’ x 3.5’ x 15’
Public Art @ Jack Block Park / Terminal 5 - Port of Seattle
Seattle Public Utilities - Seattle Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs - Duwamish Revealed

Can art build a relationship between humans and the unseen of water quality through light? 15' tall, From 6/15 to 3/16, she breathed/illuminated 17000 lumens from solar power, 2 miles over Elliot Bay according to live water quality data. The landmark project for Crosscut's Best Civic Tech 2015.

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Yesler Terrace “Metamorphizing Seed”

(Under Construction)
3d scans, concrete, steel, earth
9’ x 60’’ x 10’
Public Art @ Seattle, WA
Seattle Housing Authority

The larger work concept has been approved by the client, and is an interactive series of organic and geometric “seeds” ranging in height from 2’ to 9’ and spanning 60’, metamorphizing, drawn from the seed cones of site’s largest tree. The seeds link to immigrant gardening, the new neighborhood’s future, and the changing connection between humans and nature. The work inspired the developer, Vulcan, to name their new building after the Cypress tree the seeds are based on.


Tribute to Hospitality Table

(Awaiting Approval for Delivery)
Stainless steel, community images, brass, copper, cedar
30" x 11’ x 15’
Public Art @ Seattle, WA
Seattle Housing Authority

Table riffs off triangular patchwork of land art in park. Table was digitally designed using Grasshoppper and Rhino 5.0 and then parts were cut and assembled using a variety of digital and analog techniques. The surface is laser marked engraved with hospitality imagery from an in-depth community process holding events and sourcing photos from community members. Table is copper and brass with stainless steel plate. Sculptural, but highly

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Hing Hay Park Iconic Gateway & Seating

(Team Project)
Cultural Imagery Perforated Steel, Lighting, Powder-Coat
18’ x 65’ x 10’
Public Art @ Hing Hay Park, Seattle, WA
Seattle Parks and Recreation

Hing Hay Park, the core plaza of the Seattle International District, is doubling in size. From the outset, I was a core designer and multicultural liaison of the landmark gateway and custom seating, all of which is perforated with multicultural imagery carefully selected with the diverse community.

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The Earth Circle Community Building Project

Monolithic Adobe, Local Lumber, Stone, Plaster
10’ x 14’ x 12’
Campus Public Art @ Vassar College, Poughkeepsie NY

Design/Build of permanent, sculptural gathering area made of monolithic adobe, repurposed materials, and local rough-sawn lumber. Over 100 volunteers involved. Permitted and stamped drawings. Radically sustainable. Oriented to incredible vistas.

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Mountains & Conflux - Site-Specific Downtown Benches

Basalt stone, Ipe wood, Galvanized steel
30" x 4.5’ x 16"
Public Art @ Lewiston, ID
City of Lewiston - Downtown Revitalization

The City of Lewiston commissioned 20 public art benches, I was asked to design and build 4. The design captured the greater forms from their site: two rivers & their conflux, two mountain ranges, and a history of humans at the center of it all. I designed, fabricated, and installed the pieces.

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Gail O’Donnell Memorial Bench at Belfast Rail Trail

Local granite, landscape, rebar, stone engraving
10’ x 4’ x 3’
Public Art @ Belfast, Maine / Rail Trail
Private Client & City of Belfast

Built with local granite, designed for new rail trail in Belfast, Maine. Collaboration with local masons and stone carvers. Private/Public.

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Golden Tension : Opening Critique of City Infrastructure

Mirrors, Porcelain, Paint, Packaging Strap, Lights
7’ x 40’ x 40’
Installation at Private City Event @ Burning Man 2015 Commission
Burning Man

This piece exposed the tension between public and private amenities in cities. Opened critique of Burning Man's ability to provide basic infrastructure. Provoked physical interaction & cognitive confusion around privacy. Light play with straps and mirrors. Prison/High Security lighting at night. Designed in Rhino 5.0 and fabricated assisted by digital model templates.

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The Clothesline Banners

230’ x 6’ x 15’
Textile, Wood Utility Poles, Cord, Land, People
Public Art @ Chief Sealth Trail, Seattle, WA
King County 4Culture, Somali Family Safety Task Force & Seattle City Light

The Clothesline Banner Project in NewHolly South Seattle is a social practice, sculpture piece created by the Somali Family Safety Task Force Womens Sewing Group at NewHolly with Artist George Lee. It is a 200’ long string of quilt banners, held up 15’ by (5) utility poles, along the Chief Sealth Multi Use trail, created by an East African Women’s Sewing group. Funded by 4Culture, helped probono by engineers and contractors, and permitted by City Light to put this up on their right of way for 5 months.

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City of Faces - Human Face Birdhouses

Cedar, Plaster/Alginate, Ceramic, People, Birds
60" x 60" x 6"
Public Art @ Community Garden in Seattle, WA
City of Seattle

Funded by City of Seattle. With 4 neighborhood organizations, created 32 birdhouses with fronts the cast faces of youth, their mouths the entrance holes. Youth did 7 art bird workshops at schools/centers. Exhibited in local community garden for 8 months within blocks of youth’s schools and homes.

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Salon Domicile / The Power of Home Comforts

Photography, CNC carved custom frames, bedding, audio, video, people
15' x 15' x 15'
Public Art
Seattle Municipal Tower Gallery
Seattle Office of Arts and Culture Funded

Nine residents of Seattle agreed to be interviewed and photographed in person: Five senior officials and city councilors leading the homelessness response, and 4 residents experiencing homelessness living in Othello Village. They were all asked, “what is the favorite place in your home,” and, “what is your favorite moment or experience in the home?” They were all asked to lie down for a staged photograph with the same heirloom blankets. Lying down is key for rest, and often effectively illegal in public space.

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Cafe Red Ped Plaza

Masonry, Murals, Creative Programs, Landscaping, Furniture

12" x 20" x 20"


Year Completed:

Primary Discipline:
Art, design, placemaking

Art in Public Places:

Southeast Seattle

Public Art Program:

Worked partly pro-bono with startup independent coffee shop to sweat equity design/build badly needed community plaza space in car-dominated, urban amenity scarce Othello neighborhood. Over a dozen hip-hop and comedy shows, an east-african youth mural, a professional mural, seating and native plants

Gallery Raul : A Mobile Art Gallery Experiment

16' U-Haul Box Truck Rental, Canvas, Lights, Furnishings
15’ x 10’ x 20’
$300.00 per show
Streetside Parking @ Georgetown Art Attack & Pioneer Square Art Walk (Seattle)

Gallery Raul is an experiment in affordable easy access to space for artists to share their work. Gallery Raul can also be used for mobile, moving performance art, site-specific exhibitions, and reaching underserved neighborhoods with cultural services. City of Faces is exhibition shown in photo.


Aurora Bridge Box

Fiberboard, wood, walkman, arduino, and other electronics
5’ x 3’ x 3’
Mechatronic Art
Beneath Aurora Bridge, Fremont, Seattle
University of Washington Digital Arts and Experimental Media Department

A site-specific piece meant to expose the invisible presence of suicide and trauma in the area of land beneath the Aurora Bridge. Strangers work together to hit buttons to listen to an audio file explaining the site’s taboo history, yet if one person let go of their button, all audio stopped. Accidentally caused the police to close the aurora bridge and deploy two robots to blow it up with explosives. I got in there in time and together we defused the situation.

c. Site Workshop

c. Site Workshop


Be'er Sheva Park Lake Access

Advanced Schematic Design - 2018
Construction Documents - 2019

Contracting with Seattle Parks Foundation as a public space strategist and community facilitator and advocate, I am working with the amazing Rainier Beach Link to Lake Steering Committee, Site Workshop, Seattle Department of Neighborhoods and Seattle Parks to support a grassroots campaign to community design, fund raise, and permit high quality basic beach amenities for the Rainier Beach neighborhood. All with a cultural and creative approach.